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It goes without saying that fire protection is an integral part of any build. Our team are experts in the planning and installation of passive fire protection in all types of buildings. This includes fire protection barriers which are essential in compartmentalising and stopping the spread of a fire, should it break out in a building. Failure to install these properly can prove fatal. 


All our operatives are trained in the installation of fire protection barriers by AFSP, and we offer full planning assistance and consultation before the start of construction.

  • Service Penetrations

  • Cavity Barriers

  • Intumescent Paint

  • Cementitious Spray

  • Steel Enhancement

Fire Protection


As an authority on fire safety, we provide fire inspections for all ranges of buildings, quickly identifying any issues with regard to fire protection.

While we thoroughly examine all areas of a building, we do so in a manner that causes least disruption to occupants and we present our findings in a concise report that is easy for all relevant parties to understand. In fact, said parties can follow our progress during the inspection, thanks to our app.

  • Fire Barriers

  • Fire Walls

  • Structural Steel

  • Fire Doors



Our fire protection services can also double as soundproofing thanks to our acoustic slabs and fire protection barriers. These barriers can absorb soundwaves, along with our sound baffle structures, which can dampen the transfer of noise.

We have trained installers on hand, with expertise in the installation of all types of noise control barriers, to meet the needs of our clients.



Parkwest Fire Protection are available to come on board at the planning stage of any build to advise on fire safety. We provide building surveys, detailing areas that need attention and drawing up a bespoke plan for the installation of fire protection and acoustic solutions. 


Through diligent planning from the beginning, a top standard in fire safety is ensured, and thanks to our app service, key players are able to easily see what work needs to be done and what stages have been reached in the process.  

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